MOTHER: My 1st Telegram to You by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi


It’s been more than 3 decades she birthed me.

Three and a half decades of sweat, labour, worry

Will he grow, will he survive? Will he be man?

Living through the years with bated breath

Like in labour, will this baby come?

a single breath dancing on the tip of the tongue

awaiting the final push, for the baby to arrive and to cry

giving out that shrill note of arrival

that is joy to mothers and others.




Every year, we the children, celebrate our birthdays

We come back again

To mother, it’s that day of labour, tears, pain, hope and joy

Every year, she gives birth to us again and again

Every year, we change, we become new babies.

And Mother’s worry never end

Can I ever say a worthy ‘Thank You’?

Can we thank these beautiful mothers enough?

Can any of us?




While I was an infant,

I kept her awake round the clock

Even while I slept and snored big.

With cupped mouth, I suckled from her breasts

Not minding how the milk got replaced.

Now that I am grown

I still keep her awake round the clock

Even while I sleep and snore big

With bated breath, she gazes at midnight stars

Discharging words of request to her creator

To nourish, guide and guard this boy




What can I say to the greatest,

most beautiful mother in the world?

Thank you? will that suffice?

I love you? will that be just right?

Maybe not. But only if Nigeria could be a good mother

We’ll all know what it is to be a good citizen.

To my Mother,

Mother in Ijebu, I say you’re the best

I love you and say a big ‘THANK YOU’.




Unlike that nation called Nigeria

Battling to grow wings

With which to fly children,


These mothers’ wings had never been cut

And have been flying us with beautiful colours,

Birthing us on green, soft spots the year round

Mother Me
Mother Me

Mother in Ijebu (M in I),

Synonymous with Mother in Israel

Mother me
Mother me








ifeeMother in ‘Ife’

With Ife meaning three things,

name of person (Ife), place (Ile-Ife) or thing (love).

Mother Love
Mother Love







Mother Fadimu
Mother Fadimu

Mother in Ifo









Mother Salako
Mother Salako

Mother in Jos










Mother Ajayi
Mother Ajayi
Mothers Jaiyesimi and Ajayi
Mothers Jaiyesimi and Ajayi
Mother Jaiyesimi
Mother Jaiyesimi

Mothers in Lagos





Mother Ogunjimi
Mother Ogunjimi

Mother in Brazil









Though, I’ve come to see that everyday seems to be a Mothers’ day,

but atop my voice, I say,


to YOU all.





2 thoughts on “MOTHER: My 1st Telegram to You by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi”

  1. How beautiful. I hope teachers do make excellent impressions on their students. I’m convinced this writer doesn’t mind including such persons on the list using the caption “mothers of generations”, if he ever had any.

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