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A NOTE OF LOVE TO US AND THEM by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

crisesssA political fog has descended and successfully prevented clear sight, and one may justifiably say, made rational thinking more difficult than expected. Or how else would one describe the inglorious kidnap, yet again, of about 185 women and children by Boko Haram (same group that has terrorized Nigeria for years o, not a different one) in the North of Chibok? My reasoning is, if the government is yet to do anything about the abducted Chibok girls till the time of this writing, what ‘nothing’ don’t we expect with regards to this fresh abduction?

Between APC and PDP, Jonathan and Buhari, the people and the government, the new social media voice of dissent and the old order of “this is how we have always done it”, between the fine-mustached Elliots and the big-stomached Okupes, Nigerians must align themselves in a bid to define for ourselves the type of future we want for our children.

What is worse, some persons have categorically stated that, whichever way you look at it, whatever choices you make, Nigeria is bound to disintegrate before or after the 2015 Presidential elections. I may not agree. The indices may be glaring but this writer chooses to ignore them and not confuse himself the more by trying to make sense out of the no-sense situation, “The more you look, the less you see”. Continue reading A NOTE OF LOVE TO US AND THEM by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

Happy New Year! At this time?

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Audience: Why is your own new year greeting not just coming in?

Presenter: ‘Cos I was busy with everyday concerns that I never noticed the arrival of a new year!



To all you honoured readers of lAkUnLeScReWs, blessings from the Throne of grace and bliss

as together, we say a resounding HAPPY NEW YEAR to ourselves, while reveling in parties especially with mouthfuls of morsels and vegetabled beef.

Today, tomorrow and the quick days that follow would be used to paint brightly coloured walls, as hopes and resolutions for changes in the pregnant year, 2013. It is pregnant from the coitus of ‘2012 and us’ but what manner of child would be delivered is yet a mystery.

Let us sing and please, do let us merry but we our eyes need be opened to the goings-on in the moment.

As we celebrate the entry of a new year, there are those who really do not care what the time says. While some celebrate with laughter, there are those who are in pains.

Ivory Coast new year stampede kills dozens in Abidjan http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-20881552

Lagos Festival of Lights. Stealing copyrights?

With an appearance of splendor, glory, magnificence and…I no know bigger sounding words again, help me with some, Lagos, Nigeria celebrates Christmas period with dem own version of ‘Festival of Lights’. Beautiful things. If you no dey Lagos this Christmas period, then you are wrong!

See Lagos Pictures below and compare with standard ‘Festivals of Lights’. Pretensions without ‘OWN’ substance? Judge for yourself!

252288_10151345239217790_1263868505_n 383643_527191700633953_130209944_n Continue reading Lagos Festival of Lights. Stealing copyrights?