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Agagu’s Plane Crash: The gods must be angry


Quickly, I do not have much to say than to record my condolences and much more, my father’s condolences.

Riro ni t’eniyan. S’ise ni ti Oluwa. Man proposes. God disposes. Sometimes, the loss of one life brings grief to an entire nation of people. Here is such a case, where the loss of more than one life has brought us grief and left us disheartened. Our sympathies, first and foremost, to the families of one of us, a member of our association and his son, Tunji and Olatunji Okusanya. He was until his untimely death the CEO of popular MIC Caskets. We also share our sympathies with the families of every other single person on that plane. Again, may you all experience peace. God be with you and with everyone of us.” – Pa A. A. Jaiyesimi, National PRO, Molusi College Old Students’ Association.


That is not to sound so much as to mean I have no condolences to offer. No. On the contrary, I do have. May the good old Lord grant you all eternal peace, if truly there is anything like that. And to my late Pa Agagu, Ondo State former governor, you need more prayers. This is supposed to be your second death; what, in maddening environment, the maddeners would refer to as akutunku e l’ona orun. I’m not sure I can translate that. But it must also mean the same as saying RIP (Rest in Peace). To all other survivors and non-survivors, may God be with you. Continue reading Agagu’s Plane Crash: The gods must be angry

20 Amazing Facts About Ijebus: Why Ijebus are hated???

I found the piece below presented by Osilaja Tholulopeh Oluwabunmy and thought it a responsibility to record and re-present for evaluation and re-evaluation. 


True or fable? Our comments may be important…


1. Ijebus were the first people to have contact with Europeans in 14th century.

2. Ijebus were the first to be educated by western education.

3. Ijebu is the largest Ethnic group in Nigeria.

4. First people to manufacture gears of wars in history of Nigeria.

5. First people to contend the slavery extortion in the region. Continue reading 20 Amazing Facts About Ijebus: Why Ijebus are hated???