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For many years, until recently, I can conveniently say that I was largely selective with choice of music, as against my almost indiscriminate stance with food. However, on a certain recent day, the discovery of the strange pose of the corpse of the legendary music artist, Michael Jackson, in his casket constituted the needed stimulus for me to, even if momentarily, take an amateur plunge into the world of African American music.

It was a Pandora’s box. Like unsolicited pop-up windows, certain question marks popped up at my face. Why is it exclusive Continue reading SARAKI AND THE PANDORA OF STREET MUSIC by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

Majek Fashek dey come back…promises to promote youth…who say the guy no well?

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Reggae music star, Majekodunmi Fasheke wey people dey call Majek Fashek, go soon release one new album, Gangster Rasta under em Underground System Records, USR.

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Majek believe say this new album go revive and catapult am back to where em belong – the international scene, where Michael Jackson and James Brown dey mellow ‘that year’.

Majek yarn say USR don dey registered in Los Angeles, California and go serve as platform to nurture Nigeria’s young musicians and push them to the international market.

“We intend to register the company in Nigeria as well and use it as a platform to get the youths out of the streets and criminality. I’m an American citizen. I may decide to go back there now because my wife and children are there. But I’m here because Nigerians are suffering and there is nobody to speak for them. That is one of the revolutions that I’m here to make,” the ‘Rainmaker’ yarn.

He also yarn say plans dey ground to precede the album release by a music tour wey dem tag Operation Feed the Poor, wey em yarn say na em little way of giving back to the society.Majek-Fashek2







“I’m not into materialism. The programme I’m coming up with is mainly to help the poor. But if I’m poor, I cannot help the poor, so that is the revolution I’m talking about– the rich must help the poor. That is why I’m embarking on the tour,” he yarn.download (8)

Celebrity Portraits Made from 5,000 Sweets dey sell for $18,000. Guess who…Lady Gaga, MJ,MM…


Cristiam Ramos, 32, a Florida-based artist dey create portraits of celebrities like Marylin Monroe, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Nicki Minaj out of thousands of sweets. “Eye candy” na the expression wey the artist don give a new meaning.



The Mexican artist dey use Gummy Bears, liquorice, M&M’s, bubble gum and after dinner mints to craft colorful portraits of various celebrities.




This guy fit dey use at least 5,000 individual sweets to design em tasty artworks, and his largest creation so far, a life-size candy motorcycle, na over 20,000 sweets e take do am.



Ramos yarn say em get the idea to use sweets as a medium for em art four years ago, while em dey inside one park. He saw a dad wey give em son a piece of candy to sooth em pain, and after seeing the boy smile, he realized how sweets dey make human beings happy.





He began to think “what if they saw one of their favorite artists enshrined in their favorite sweets?” Now, Cristiam Ramos’ celebrity portraits dey sell for up to $18,000, “depending on the size of the picture and amount of sweets used. Celebrities immortalized in candy by Ramos also include Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. Believe it or not, there’s no paint used in any of them.”