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Birth supplants death.

Our tears of sorrows, condemned, become laughter of joy.

Congrats, Kasey & Neemath on the new birth (Valentina):


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Valentine is here once again with the atmosphere festooned in red and labelled with an irresistible attraction of fun. For the hedonistic, which I myself couldn’t claim a neuter, it would be a time to check out the most resplendent of bars, where magnificent foods and wine are served and where the atmosphere is rife with histrionic blues to drive home our points to that special girl, who had our minds riveted on “forever-after stories” for far too long.

While these roses, chocolate bars, teddy bears, cards and frames fly without wings and nestle in the comfy of those we share these feelings and thoughts toward, I extricate myself from the purview of norms and break the barrier of tradition to effect the real value of what this celebration has on me.

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