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#PAUSIBILITY: Is The ‘D’ In The D-Day For Doom? by Adebayo Coker

map-broken-nigeria-mKindly slam that song Natural Mystic by Bob Marley into your stereo and let it roll as you read this piece.

The Yorubas will say: ti a ba da ogun odun, ogun odun ape, ti a ba da ogbon osu, ogbon osu ako – the fraudulent twist of time cannot last eternal.

Tomorrow we will all go to the polls to assert our constitutional right and also perform our statutory duty as  Nigerians. Some of us would have loved to put this behind us long before now, especially on the 14th of February when this election was earlier slated for before #Pausibility: That Cretinous Shift. Continue reading #PAUSIBILITY: Is The ‘D’ In The D-Day For Doom? by Adebayo Coker


kaadIt took me a while before I finally decided to write my column for this weekend, as I had decided to leave it unattended to for this week and the next, in order to have a proper holiday that I deserve. I see this as an escape from the societal angst and madness being promoted and perpetrated by our insane politicians/ ruling class.  But what fun do I stand to have when daily I am forced to watch pools of human blood and pieces of human flesh everywhere I turn to. What celebration?

I had promised my wife that I was going to switch off my phones and that I wasn’t going to put my hands on any gadget, let alone adding or editing any manuscript, but on Monday, I broke that promise as I was passionately provoked to reply a guy on one of the social media platforms when he ridiculously asked: What is Oby Ezekwesili’s pedigree for her not to be questioned by the DSS? I jokingly told my friend that I will only answer his question if he would mention someone in his lineage that could rival her record. Did I say too much? Continue reading #PAUSIBILTY: THIS HOLOCAUST AND THE REST OF US by Adebayo Coker


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Birth supplants death.

Our tears of sorrows, condemned, become laughter of joy.

Congrats, Kasey & Neemath on the new birth (Valentina):


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Valentine is here once again with the atmosphere festooned in red and labelled with an irresistible attraction of fun. For the hedonistic, which I myself couldn’t claim a neuter, it would be a time to check out the most resplendent of bars, where magnificent foods and wine are served and where the atmosphere is rife with histrionic blues to drive home our points to that special girl, who had our minds riveted on “forever-after stories” for far too long.

While these roses, chocolate bars, teddy bears, cards and frames fly without wings and nestle in the comfy of those we share these feelings and thoughts toward, I extricate myself from the purview of norms and break the barrier of tradition to effect the real value of what this celebration has on me.

How do we celebrate love? Continue reading VALENTINE BLUES WITH HANNIBAL (& CZAR)