#Boko Haram, all Nigerians are as good as dead

bokofWith the indiscriminate ‘butchery’ of Nigerians by the dreaded and attention-seeking Boko Haram, all Nigerians are as good as dead. And one wonders if by Nigeria, we are referring to a country and not a mere geographical tag of a space, where anyone is at liberty to do anything in the name of whatever goddamn thing they believe in. No one knows when he or she may be the next victim of their senseless killings until it has happened; unfortunately, dead persons know nothing of such, I suppose. However, there are some victims who are given the privilege of being injured and that’s if their situations are not worse than being dead.

Is this a country? Whatever the response may be, should it remain so? In the last few years and at every turn, thousands of Nigerian humans with full constitutional rights, not fishes or insects, have been ignobly murdered. Shortly before their deaths, they all must have believed strongly in the supremacy of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria especially as it affects their liberty and security. Let’s take a look at the relevant provisions in our constitution.

From Part III,

217. (1) There shall be an armed forces for the Federation which shall consist of an army, a navy, an Air Force and such other branches of the armed forces of the Federation as may be established by an Act of the National Assembly.

(2) The Federation shall, subject to an Act of the National Assembly made in that behalf, equip and maintain the armed forces as may be considered adequate and effective for the purpose of –

(a) defending Nigeria from external aggression; (Has this been done? No! Rather, the Presidency shamefully boasts that the members of Boko Haram are not Nigerians but external aggressors. The question is, what was the presidency ‘looking’ when these non-Nigerians were entering the country with their guns and bombs? Or was the Presidency complicit in aiding their activities? Well, they are here and we must do something about them, unless we have resigned to fate that this is no longer a country.)

(b) maintaining its territorial integrity and securing its borders from violation on land, sea, or air; (hmmm. This is so interesting that one wonders what the collection of Nigerian “army, navy, Air Force and such other branches of the armed forces of the Federation” have done to ensure this, in spite of the huge sums handed to them as salaries.)bokoo

From Chapter II (Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy)

  1. It shall be the duty and responsibility of all organs of government, and of all authorities and persons, exercising legislative, executive or judicial powers, to conform to, observe and apply the provisions of this Chapter of this Constitution.
  2. (1) The Federal Republic of Nigeria shall be a State based on the principles of democracy and social justice.

(2) It is hereby, accordingly, declared that:

(a) sovereignty belongs to the people of Nigeria from whom government through this Constitution derives all its powers and authority; (the people referred to here, from whom the country’s sovereignty is sourced, are the same people that Boko Haram is killing in their thousands and the government at all levels are rather too helpless, or conniving, to do anything about.)

(b) the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government: (Seriously? So, the security of Nigerians is primary to the government, yet while Boko Haram kills, the government commissions projects, organizes economic fora to make more moneys through increased investments. Who is the Nigerian government serving? Obviously that cannot be those dying Nigerians, who lose their lives on a daily basis but themselves and the pockets of family members.)

Nigerians are not in any real sense of the word safe. They (we) are plagued by diverse life-threatening events ranging from road accidents, diseases like ebola-caused, flood-attacks, police-brutality, criminal-assassination, politics-induced murders and perpetually, boko haram attacks and others. And does the government, elected by the people; by the people, from whom sovereignty is sourced, care about all that? Does the government care a bit about dying people of Nigerians but for the number of deaths and cries of the world over much more recent deaths? But even that too shall pass and the people forget so soon, quickly returning to their ever busy daily schedules. No thanks to the abduction of lil’ girls.  Of note is the much talked-about abduction of Nigerian school girls enjoying the #BringBackOurGirls reactions. Some persons have argued that the #BringBackOurGirls campaign is only adding to the popularity of Boko Haram brand. What would such persons’ expectations be then? That we should greet with absolute silence (in order not to popularize the brand?) Boko Haram’s killing of thousands of Nigerians and non-Nigerians alike, and now the abduction of young school girls? So, if your thirteen year old school girl is abducted, you’ll rather we don’t talk about it in order not to bring popularity to the brand of the abductors? smh.

The issues of personal integrity aside, Femi Fani Kayode, like Afenifere, has put out word about their concerns for Nigeria and the integrity of her unity, making certain bold demands that all Nigerians should chew out of compulsion, digest based on necessity and make a decision on with common sense.

Give Me Oduduwa Or Let Me Die By Femi Fani-Kayode Read

Afenifere Threatens Secession Read

I’m not one of such persons who use too many words to explain to Nigerians why I think the President of Nigeria, past (blah blah blah) and present in person of Blackhat Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is incompetent. On the other hand, I have no doubt in my heart that GEJ knows exactly what he is doing. If you ask me as soon as I’m roused from slumber what I think is happening, I’ll tell you without thinking that there are some powerbrokers who are interested in breaking Nigeria into pieces or forever ruling the country as one.

I conclude, the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is supreme and its provisions are binding. The government must equip the military to do her job and ensure the security of lives and properties of the men and women who voted and who will still vote. Enough is not just enough. Too much is just too much. When a man dies as a result of Boko Haram’s bomb, it is an entire family and hundreds of friends and well-wishers that are thrown in sadness. Shockingly the following day, you behold our President or the Minister of Information on National Television making a speech that is completely unrelated to the attack. Are we all Nigerians; or are some more Nigerians than others?  Once and that was a sad once, the current Minister of Information, Labaran Maku has pleaded with the press to minimize the attention they were paying Boko Haram, “Everyday, Boko Haram, Boko Haram…” He struggled to explain that beyond Boko Haram menace, there were positive other events that should be reported by the press such as project commissioning, contract signings etcetera. That is, the Minister intended that while Nigerians were dying due to the incompetence of the Presidency to assure the security of lives of the citizens of Nigeria, the press should do well to cover it up. This clearly shows that either the Minister is misguided in his speech or the Presidency considers herself more Nigerian than the rest of the countrymen and -women who voted them to power.

On a personal note, I have a close relation whose daughter is one of the abducted Chibok girls. That girl could have been mine. Also yesterday, my wife mentioned that she knows a woman (an indoor person), who managed to be one of the dead victims of the latest Jos twin bomb blasts. Who knows who, when and where next? That’s why I have said in this Boko Haram war, all Nigerians are as good as dead.

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  1. Really a hard nut to chew on the hard true reality but thank God…thank heavens we have God & He knows, sees all these wickedness….& would help…Us…..Ohh father in ur hand do we lay……

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