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Welcome to America; bye bye, Nigeria by ´Kunle Jaiyesimi

“Until you know how African you are,

you don’t know how American you are”

– Robert Farris Thompson

As a newbie in the nation of Samba, there was the expected need for mutual introductions. At that time, repeatedly so, owing to the fact that this is a non-English-speaking country, I found myself needing to come up with a name that will resonate with, is convenient for and easy to pronounce by my new acquaintances.

My choice was as easy as saying “hello” to the Brasileiros, which is a literal translation of the Portuguese “Ola” and a fitting subject to “Olakunle”, the first, intangible tag that I acquired as a being. In my more recent existence as “Ola”, I was always confronted by Continue reading Welcome to America; bye bye, Nigeria by ´Kunle Jaiyesimi


Adebayo Coker on Rubbin' Minds
Adebayo Coker on Rubbin’ Minds

Just as the common example, Ramadan has come to an end and a sharp upsurge in the patronage of brothels and beer parlors noticeable. Do not get me wrong, same could be said of quadragesimal period. A great number of us display piety louder than the Pope and the chiefest of Sheikhs just around those periods that we observe our religious abstinence, but other than those times, we are just as evil as the devil can be.

Yours truly was Ebuka’s guest at Channels TV last Sunday. It was a live cast of the famous programme for youths, Rubbin’Minds (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJmy8Q_xx2Q), Continue reading #PAUSIBILITY: OF NOMINAL, NORMAL AND THE EXTREME by Adebayo Coker


lamikaHaving lived for sixty five years, one is expected to have shrunk in stature and many times in status as one begins a drastic journey down the slope one had gone up earlier. To many, it’s a time they do not appreciate in many ramifications. However, for the only Lamikay I know, Professor Adebayo Lamikanra as he’s known in official circles, it’s the best moment of his life. Well, I would not be certain of that because I can predict the cynical reaction of the birthday boy if he read me say that, “was that a day at all?” accompanied with a chuckle and his characteristic facial expression, which I always interpreted as wordlessly saying ‘balderdash’. Well, I admit I must have made two wrong assumptions, balderdash as they were: one, that his 65th birthday was the best moment of his life and two, predicting, wrongly Continue reading PROF. ‘BAYO LAMIKANRA: BECOMING A CHILD AGAIN by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

Ife Festival of Poetry: Now Here…

Poetry na the music wey the soul sabi to sing.

Through music, human souls dey congregate to reason together.

1st of December na this year’s Edition of the festival (Ife Festival of Poetry) and the thing dey take place for Ilesa in  Osun State, Nigeria.

Different Arts go perform and the festival promises to be one of a kind.

10 p.m. na the time for the show on Saturday.

For details, you fit contact Professor Adebayo Lamikanra (a.k.a. Lamikay) on 0803 700 0773