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TwImg-20140814-135815Without regret, I am falling deeply for this temptation which I have eschewed for some time now. God knows I have tried and I am sure you too can attest to that.

Even when I was tempted some weeks ago , when a particular junior minister, who ought to be busy with his national assignment, left his duty post to parade himself as the Federal Minister in charge of Lagos state, by going to Apapa to irrationally interfere in a matter clearly out of his jurisdiction, I ignored.

I also did not say anything when I was tempted sometime ago, to advise our dear brother from Ile-Ife, to pray without ceasing because I see a foundational curse of public display of stupidity in his family. Though I never met his father, what I read about him reeks of foolishness and if the saying: “like father, like son” is right, then he has truly beaten his father to the record. It will be destructive for any of his offspring to tread that path, for this generation of ours does not tolerate laxity Continue reading #PAUSIBILITY: JONATHAN, THE SON OF SAUL AND THIS JONATHAN by Adebayo Coker

AS OSUN STATE IS DECIDED FOR… by ‘lakunle Jaiyesimi

osunThe gubernatorial election in Ekiti State has come and gone, leaving in its wake shock, conciliation and much more. While the staggering results of the election has left many optimists in the ‘Nigerian-project’ disenchanted, stalwart-members and well-wishers of the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party within and without Ekiti State have found new voice and renewed strength to boast of their ‘unparalleled’ credibility to win elections, any-day, anywhere. No wonder, even the President of the country and the recently cross-carpeted hungry-man-in-politics believes their party will win the Osun State election and any other that comes their way as they did in Ekiti State.

I have an anecdote. Sometime between 8.00 and 8.30 a.m. this morning, I was scanning for a television station that will be unbiased in its coverage of the Osun State election, which incidentally holds today. I stopped when I got to the ‘Channel of the Year for the 8th time’, there was well-groomed gentleman decked in well-trimmed suit admonishing his Continue reading AS OSUN STATE IS DECIDED FOR… by ‘lakunle Jaiyesimi

The Governor that either gets a SNAP or a SLAP. Students to study Ifa?


There are some, who might have grown and remained controversial especially in terms of what they do and their utterances. Of course, usually caring less what reactions such controversial gestures may elicit.


Interestingly, these personalities usually achieve excellently even in those waters that many of their subjects deem unsettled. If properly scrutinized, they may come across as people who know what they want and are clear about it in spite of what people have got to mouth-munch.



Are they the special ones, who deserve a SNAP?

Or clearly the damned ones, who deserve a SLAP?


Well, such is the personality of the incumbent Governor of Osun State, Nigeria, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola.

Continue reading The Governor that either gets a SNAP or a SLAP. Students to study Ifa?

Ife Festival of Poetry: Now Here…

Poetry na the music wey the soul sabi to sing.

Through music, human souls dey congregate to reason together.

1st of December na this year’s Edition of the festival (Ife Festival of Poetry) and the thing dey take place for Ilesa in  Osun State, Nigeria.

Different Arts go perform and the festival promises to be one of a kind.

10 p.m. na the time for the show on Saturday.

For details, you fit contact Professor Adebayo Lamikanra (a.k.a. Lamikay) on 0803 700 0773