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TIWA SAVAGE: I’M TIRED, YOU’RE NOT. I QUIT by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

teebillzFirstword: Humankind can be split into two words, Human and Kind. Humankind on its own is synonymous with humanity, charity and kindness. I will be content with being insulated from being absolutely controlled by the media, invasive and non-invasive technology. Being kind constitutes radiation from self to others and not the other way around.


Tiwa, without being in a haste to pass the buck between you and your husband (who is obviously beside himself), there is a general apathy against our individual and collective humanity. In the abundance of religiousity, we are fast losing our spirituality (I hope this is not misconstrued, innocently or otherwise). And this has affected almost everyone one way or another. Most people, including this ‘penner’, see themselves as victims rather than agents of certain untoward events. Thus, it wa Continue reading TIWA SAVAGE: I’M TIRED, YOU’RE NOT. I QUIT by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi


PRIVATE-JETS-IN-NIGERIA‘”Go ye therefore into the world and teach my gospel,” that kinda thing was what the Lord told us and the disciples. Going to all corners of the world, you’ll agree with me sir, has become difficult without a private jet especially for us Pastors. That is the reason I’m addressing this love letter to you (note sir, not to your office as President of the country sir).

Please, kindly disregard the advent and roles played by the ubiquitous social media in connecting anyone with the rest of the world from the recesses of his/her room. In fact, the social media rather extends the reach of Pastors, hence more work need to be done. In the fulfillment of our mandate as Pastors, there’s the need to get physical (You know what I mean not sensually and if your thought is sensual, then you may need my pastoral intervention) with the members of the globe who might have been ‘blessed’ by our messages on the social media or cable televisions across board. Continue reading GEJ: THIS PASTOR NEEDS A PRIVATE JET by Monsieur Mobutu


crucifixDear compatriots, let me wish you a Happy Independence Anniversary all the same, even though I have never had a more watery Independence Anniversary celebration in my existence as a Nigerian. I would not want to be disinterested in this nation and her politics, as I have come to find out that that is exactly the goal of these political louts that call themselves Nigerian politicians. They are perpetuating a psychological disenfranchisement where the enlightened ones amongst us will develop apathy to politics due to the mishandling of the nation and eventually leave the country, so that the politicians will have a leeway to act indiscriminately without any check. But I have promised myself not to dance to their evil drumbeats, and I urge you to join me by registering, participating, and voting right in the next elections, not forgetting to protect your votes. Continue reading #PAUSIBILITY: PARABLE OF THE CRUCIFIX by Adebayo Coker



Bullshit. I usually had that word on my mind every time I saw a Christian (by that I mean that person we hurriedly on the average refer to as a Christian, just because he says he’s one or because he dresses or acts as one). Now, please don’t get me wrong. I do not imagine (to entertain ‘bad thoughts’ in the usual opinion of many mediocre contemporaries) that the Christian is bullshit. No! Think not that way. What I’ve said is that the ‘things’ that our modern Christian persona (MCP) holds closely to his chest as the true definition of what qualifies a Christian is bullshit with a big b.

What I’ve always known and do not wish to change just too quickly is that Jesus Christ, JC (as we, of the hip culture, have come to know him today Continue reading HYPOCRISY: CHRISTIANS, BIG CHARLES AND THE LIL’ BILLS

And what’s all the fuss about Kumuyi’s Wedding?

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In the past few days, the Cyberspace, especially the Nigerian, had been dominated by the news of the ‘spectacularly’ remarkable, to say the least, June 15 wedding trips of the son, John Kumuyi, of Pastor Kumuyi of Deeper Life Church who wedded a damsel Love Odih (probably as a matter of coincidence rather than incident) . This, many believe has been ‘concocting a storm in the church’.

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There had been comparative criticisms of the spectacle of this wedding in relation to other weddings so far held in the church. All the noise is essentially about which bride dresses more modestly (nay divine, spiritual or heaven-bound) on her wedding day and what other items used.

Continue reading And what’s all the fuss about Kumuyi’s Wedding?